LBPS – Latzel Body Plant Solutions

… is a family-owned company based in Cologne. The business was founded by Peter Latzel in 1974. Since then, we have been playing an active role in national and international automotive manufacturing.

Today, the business is managed by Moritz Latzel and Alexander Frieling. Thanks to our highly qualified team and backed by the advice and support of our senior partner,  we provide customised and flexible solutions for all tasks.

Built to order – the following sections will give you an overview of our wide range of services. We use our know-how and precise coordination to fulfil the requirements of modern automotive manufacturing. Which is why personal contact is so important. Together, we can find out how we can accompany your idea and make it successful.

Developing your production

Moritz Latzel and Alexander Frieling

The cycle of automotive manufacturing with LBPS

Make the most of our specialist knowledge throughout the process or for special areas.





Joining techniques of all kinds are required in many fields of automotive manufacturing as well as by automotive supplier companies. Choosing the most suitable manufacturing methods requires a broad knowledge base – such as the one that can be accessed at LBPS for individual projects.

Together with our customers and manufacturing partners, we develop custom machinery for the fields of handling, resistance welding, adhesive and dosing technology and laser welding. In addition, we assure quality in semi-automatic or fully automatic processes.

Within the context of SE projects, we plan future vehicle productions right from the very beginning and develop the required specifications accordingly. A few examples:

  • Process optimisation and documentation
    We support our customers during conversion of commercial vehicle manufacturing to galvanised metal sheets. LBPS takes over the planning, re-programming of all welding timers, documentation of all processes and parameters
  • Planning – welding technology specification
    For manual and automatic processes in a newly constructed vehicle production plant for 5 model series
  • Development of customised production solutions
    Standard tools for nut welding, including part sorting and feeding equipment
  • Preparation of re-utilisation and feasibility studies
    Cataloguing of the equipment already available, planning and realisation of recommissioning
  • Development
    of standardPLC cabinets and the respective software

Visionary planning. LBPS. <


LBPS designs

One look over our employees’ shoulders reveals that LBPS prepares designs using the very latest CAD/CAE systems. We have years of design expertise and branch-specific know-how at our disposal, as well as a comprehensive network of suppliers and partner companies. As a result, we achieve an optimum cost-benefit balance for our customers. We pay particular attention to

  • securing the reproducibility of process results and minimising the process duration
  • the use of „Simultaneous Engineering“ to optimise the design process
  • ensuring a large share of standard components which can be used in new designs
We control the working processes at LBPS in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 certification requirements. Thus guaranteeing top quality.

A summary of our services for your design process

  • Preparation of feasibility studies
  • Design of manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic welding equipment
  • Development and detailing of free and order-related welding machines, weld guns and welding tools
  • Design and calculation of welding machines and weld guns, right down to detailed manufacturing drawings
  • Cycle time studies and layout planning
  • Project management and design support
  • Preparation of documentation

We use the following CAD systems

  • Catia
  • Teamcenter Ford
  • Fides
  • Auto-CAD
  • I-Deas

Cutting-edge design. LBPS <


LBPS as intermediary ans manufacturer

One face to the customer – project coordination with LBPS. As the main contact for our customers, we provide comprehensive advice: defining the task on hand and subsequently preparing solutions for customers’ special manufacturing requirements. These may use products from our partner companies, who we work for as key accounts, or LBPS assumes responsibility for implementation itself.

The following partners have been working hand in hand with LBPS for many years

NIMAK      manufacturer of weld guns, welding machines and adhesive and dosing technology

HWH      specialist for welding timers

EBZ      turn-key partner in equipment construction

MW Automation      Spezialist für Zuführsysteme

In the meantime, LBPS has made a name for itself as a designer and manufacturer of both standardised and custom-made solutions. We have a huge amount of branch-specific know-how at our fingertips, as well as a broad manufacturing network. We process the production of complete welding machines on our own responsibility. From the initial concept through manufacturing to commissioning.

One of the components of the customised modular system we have developed for such welding machines is the LBPS Multisorter for nuts, brackets, bolts and plates. The Multisorter is made up of a component feed and sorting system; during the automation process it guarantees the supply of

  • the right part
  • at the right time
  • in the right condition
  • at the right position on the line.


High flexibility, precision and direct responsibility. LBPS. <


LBPS implements

As far as resistance welding technology is concerned, LBPS is one of the top addresses in Europe. We have specialised in taking on tasks in this field, solving problems, optimising solutions long-term and securing quality. In the process, we always take customer-specific factory standards into account.

Our services

> Set-up and commissioning of lines and manufacturing equipment
  • electric, pneumatic and mechanical
  • direct implementation of project-specific changes on-site
  • coordination through to acceptance

Our highly qualified and experienced employees from the fields of resistance welding and jointing technology typical of the automotive industry are extremely important here. The very short process time during welding requires extensive technical knowledge for commissioning and programming of the parameters, as well as knowledge of metallurgy and automation processes.

> Initial commissioning of welding technology and weld integrity engineering
  • Weld timer programming (all brands and software versions) AC and MF; ensuring technical alignment with general or factory standards
  • Calibration of weld guns (pneumatic, servo-pneumatic and servo-electric drives)
  • Monitoring of weld quality (destructive and non-destructive tests)
  • Documentation of the parameters, spot numbers and spot positions
  • Commissioning and programming of tip dresser systems

We also offer the implementation services in an adapted form for the field of „testing and optimisation“.

Coordination through to acceptance. LBPS. <


LBPS tests and optimises

Automotive manufacturing is a flowing process. LBPS – as a guarantor of reliable functions – adds stability to this process. We test and optimise existing equipment. The knowledge gained is integrated in the development and implementation of new tasks. We offer a wide range of services in this field.

Optimisation of existing welding lines with regard to

  • Cycle time
  • Spatter reduction
  • Process reliability
  • Most efficient performance of welding timers
  • Milling cycles and tip service lives
  • Monitoring of weld spot quality (destructive and non-destructive tests)

Welding quality; audits and expert reports

  • Will ensure effective commissioning
  • Will save costs because of early detection of installation and programming errors
  • Will be tracking and analysing issues during commissioning
  • Will ensure homogeneous system integration by checking and following standards – particularly with different line builders
  • Will prepare and lead through to final acceptance test for new equipment, confirming the welding quality of assemblies and whole car bodies
  • Will document the different commissioning steps required with regard to adherence to schedule and constructional drawing (vehicles).

Consulting services and support

  • Development and organisation of body shop weld teams
  • Feasibility studies for resistance welding joints
  • Offline programming to prepare the commissioning of new equipment
  • Quality control reports

Training of maintenance and repair staff

  • Programming of welding timers
  • Troubleshooting in the welding process
  • Monitoring and maintaining tip dresser systems
  • Documentation of maintenance work, preventative maintenance, periodic maintenance schedules
  • Training on the job

Stability in the process. LBPS. <